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Xiaomi Mi5/Mi5 Plus Specs Leaked, Release in July

by Martin 29

Details on the upcoming and highly anticipated Mi5 from Xiaomi have been leaked through Chinese social media site Weibo. Xiaomi has been dominating the China smartphone market in the past two years along with becoming the biggest manufacturer in China and one of the biggest in the world in just a short amount of time.


According to the leak, the Xiaomi Mi5 will feature a 5.2-inch screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor coupled with 3GB or 4GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel rear camera, and a 3,000mAh battery. There’s also a rumor that the Mi5 may also be equipped with fingerprint ID technology. While the specifications of the Mi5 may not seem that different from its predecessor, the Mi4, it will come with the Snapdragon 810 which is widely considered as the current most powerful smartphone SoC so the performance of the Mi5 is expected to be impressive.

Additionally, a second phone was leaked today, a larger version of the Mi5 called the Mi5 Plus. According to the leak, the Mi5 Plus will feature a 6-inch 2K display with a bezel-less/borderless design as well as 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a 16-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization. No other information on the Mi5 Plus has been released but it should be expected to feature the same processor as the Mi5 as the Snapdragon 810 is the best available chip at the moment.

While the exact date of release of both devices is still unknown, it’s expected that Xiaomi will launch both devices sometime in July as they did with the Mi4 last year.

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  • hugo26

    Pretty sure the most powerful processor in a phone right now is the Samsung Exynos 7420 octa soc, the 810 only wins where graphics are concerned but that has always been there strong point and the gap closed considerably in that area. Although its not available for any other company to use at the moment besides Samsung.

    • Jason45

      Meizu maybe could use Exynos 7420 in their MX5 Pro phone, Meizu has a history of using Samsung SOC in the past.

      • MaxPower

        Meizu has history of using older Samsung SoC and not the last one.
        There’s no way Samsung is going to give away his last SoC to help the competitors.

        • hugo26

          Agreed, Samsung may just release a weaker version of this 64 bit soc just for meizu but ther is no way they will give a competitive edge to any other company by letting them use the new exynos 7 octa. Maybe because they company’s smartphone division is riding all of its hopes in the S6 and S6 edge. The mx5 will get the exynos 7420 octa when the new exynos 8th generation gets announced possibly for the new galaxy note edge 2. who knows.

          • Kan9al

            Samsung’s chipset sells to anyone, they can’t block out Meizu. Its actually illegal. What they can do is to sell it at a premium, but then they’ll be hurting their reputation. Samsung’s been known to provide their Exynos chips at fair prices (more than MediaTek, equal to Nvidia, less than Qualcomm) however it has lacked the LTE antenna.

        • benley123

          well they have that chip in that phone nowe its faster than Samsung phones just under 80.00 in antutu

          • MaxPower

            the equation Antutu points = faster phone doesn’t make any sense.

            Meizu got more points due to HD screen compared to 2K screen of S6.
            well, I would add that Touchwiz is packed with more features so the result is that it’s heavier.

          • benley123

            But that chip is in there powering a lower res screen more ram and and is quicker

          • MaxPower

            of course it is, it doesn’t have to power a 2K display so it has more resources to give to the benchmark app.

            Both phones have the same power since they have the same SoC, one is using the power for something that the user can enjoy (better resolution), the other one is using the power for something absolutely unuseful (few extra Antutu points).

    • Stef

      I’m pretty sure that they lose on the GPU department too. Check the offscreen results here:

      At the same resolution Exynos has a faster GPU by a good margin on some tests.
      Qualcomm has clearly dropped the ball this time around. Here’s hoping that thier oncoming 64bit custom chip won’t be as bad.

  • Ricardo

    I hope those engineers Xiaomi sent Qualcomm to improve the SD810 have done a good job.

    • Ben

      Ah, you mean a S810 2. Generation, nice! 🙂

      • David Onter

        There won’t be a 810 2. Generation. The other manufacturers would sue Qualcomm. Maybe a 811…

    • benley123

      sd 820 now being used look a beast

  • Jason45

    I am a bit worried about the SD810 chipset (they don’t have another choice at the moment). They have trottled it down to prevent overheating. A recent article of arstechnica shows in some cases it could be slower than the SD801 after long period of usage.

  • ydudhdh

    THIS looks like letv one pro

  • David Onter

    The Snapdragon 810 overheats in every smartphone that uses it so far (4 and still counting). On longer periods of time it performs worse than the 801… It’s a joke

    • Artasdmc

      Heating aside, the Adreno 430 GPU is a beast, 3 times the Gflops of 330.

      And about heating, that’s probably why LG opted with 808 with their G4. Just wish every smartphone used intel chips, and that intel made more of them. Atom is a beast and intel has the rights to X86 architecture that no one else except AMD can use. Porting applications for intel chips is so much more easier since they’re not ARM, if you want efficient applications you have to built it from ground up for ARM, like DraStic emulator in example.

      • Kan9al

        That is because those emulators aren’t built from the ground up, they are ports of code used in x86 systems.

        ARM is actually more efficient than x86 in terms of processing, because its more direct to the point and doesn’t carry all this legacy baggage.

        In fact, if you haven’t paid attention, you would have noticed Intel chips getting more and more like ARM SoCs in their design.

      • David Onter

        Yes, but even the GPU downclocks on loger workloads because of the thermal throttling… :/

  • Subrato Dey

    I hope this time they have NFC included, Its so bad that they assume people dont use NFC and that they wont use it in future, infact NFC is a great piece of tech to have in your device irrespect of either you use it now or not, but if you do it once, you probably are going to use it often, its just that people dont try small little things NFC is capable of.

  • John Ross

    Battery is way to small. County me out

    • Markoff

      3000mAh should be enough for 5.2″ FHD with Xiaomi optimization, though I don’t really understand why they didn’t fit bigger battery when they can put 3120mAh to Mi4i which has only 5″ display, so I would expect with 5.2″ display proportionally at least 3200-3400mAh

      • John Ross

        Well for 2015 anything under 3500mah just is way to small. Look at the nexus 6… It has appalling battery life 🙁

        • Markoff

          Nexus 6 has 6″ 2K display while this has 5.2″ FHD which I would say it’s quite a big difference in power consumption.

    • David Onter

      Actually is is considerably big.

      • John Ross

        But since when? Sure 3000mah used to be the MACK DADDY of batteries…but that was like 2013. 2014 showed that we were hitting the limit of 3000 and that it was becoming “normal” 3000mah now is what 2000mah was in 2012.

        I’ve tested and used quite a bit of devices and I can say for sure that anything over a 5″ screen needs at least 3500mah to be average.

        • David Onter

          HTC One M9: 2840mAh
          Samsung Galaxy S6: 2550
          LG G4: 3000mAh
          Sony Xperia Z4: 2930mAh

          –> Not really
          And my M8 with a 2600mAh battery comes through the day easily…

          • John Ross

            S6 has average battery life for 2014 standards. M8 and Z2 couldn’t make it through a day for me. Barely half.

            LG G4 is removable so it is excused.

            Have not used the m9 but I was pursaded not to get one due to the so so battery life.

            Phones in 2015 need to be pulling 25+ hours with at least 6 hours SOT.