Tencent OS-based Smartwatch Leaked

by Martin 0

Just last week Tencent unveiled their operating system, TencentOS, specifically designed for smart devices including smartwatches. Today, pictures of the first TencentOS-powered smartwatch have been leaked.

tencent-os-smartwatch-leak-01According to the pictures, the smartwatch seems like a proof-of-concept product and might not see actual release. It supports communication, health, and music applications, among others. The picture also show that the smartwatch and OS support voice commands and communication. Other applications and solutions that the TencentOS smartwatch could feature include a payment transactions, calling transportation/taxi services, booking reservations, fast check-in, and other such features.

According to Tencent, the company wants smartwatches that use their open-source operating system to act as personal aides to users, allowing them to answer calls, messages, and e-mails through their smartwatches along with many other features that help users get better access and information in different usage scenarios.

tencent-os-smartwatch-leak-02 tencent-os-smartwatch-leak-03We should be using more and more TencentOS-based products from many different manufacturers in the coming months. Tencent wants to create an ecosystem of devices that use their operating system of which include smartwatches, smartphones, video game consoles, and virtual reality devices. While Tencent has no plans of making hardware themselves, they do plan on working with hardware manufacturers to populate the devices with content from Tencent’s vast platform of media and content.

tencent-os-smartwatch-leak-04 tencent-os-smartwatch-leak-07 tencent-os-smartwatch-leak-06 tencent-os-smartwatch-leak-05