Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Overheating Problems Arise (Updated)

by Martin 13

The Mi Note Pro has just gone on sale today and reports of both severe and general overheating problems have already started popping up on social media as well as on the Xiaomi official forums.

xiaomi-mi-note-pro-overheating-issues-01Some users have reported severe cases of overheating that have led to their devices to completely fail with burned motherboards while overheating on other Mi Note Pro units have led to display or touchscreen failure. There have also been reports that using the device while charging ended up overheating the device.

Many attest the overheating problems to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor that Xiaomi decided to use for the Note Pro. The Snapdragon 810 has become notorious for overheating with companies like Samsung opting to abandon the Snapdragon 810 in their flagship phones due to the heating issues although Qualcomm has denied these accusations.

Before the launch of the Mi Note Pro, Xioami said that the company ended up applying for five different thermal patents to solve the overheating issues of the Snapdragon 810 but these reports reveal that the issues might not have been solved at all. Whether the overheating problems are still fixable through software updates is unlikely but we’ll have to wait to see how Xiaomi responds.

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Update: Xiaomi company has contacted us and here is their explaination:

1. On May 13, we’ve given the user a new Mi Note Pro and he has expressed satisfaction with the replacement.
2. The technicians that first encountered the faulty unit have verified that the mainboard was NOT burnt.
3. The unit is currently in transit to Xiaomi’s Beijing office where our engineers will investigate why it cannot be turned on.
Xiaomi has always been committed to providing excellent customer service and will do our best to solve any issues faced by users.
Update 2: About the overheating problem, we have watched other review video: the phone temperature is up to 46℃ after 10 minutes game playing, the GPU chip also will reduced frequency rate, and close partial working cores. Here is the unboxing and testing video: