New Xiaomi Smartphone in the Works, Powered by Snapdragon 808 Processor

by Martin 1

So soon after the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 4i in India, it looks like the company is already planning to release a new device in the next few months. This time for release in China and maybe other countries where the Mi 4i hasn’t been made available.

The news was revealed by a Chinese electronics industry analyst by the name of Pan Jiutang through his Weibo account. He said the new device will probably be released by the third quarter of the year and may use the Snapdragon 808 (MSM8992) processor from Qualcomm. This means the new device will be more powerful than the Mi 4i even though they may be priced similarly.


Pan Jiutang said that the new device will be priced somewhere in between the Redmi and Mi which would mean a price tag somewhere in between 1,299 Yuan and 1,499 Yuan. This will give the new device a price tag similar to the Mi 4i. Whether Xiaomi also plans to give the new device a similar look to the Mi 4i or give it a whole different design is currently unknown.

The information that was revealed isn’t really a lot to go on but it does give some hope to those wishing to get their hands on the Mi 4i but aren’t able to due to its unavailability in their countries. We’ll have to wait and see what Xiaomi officially announces in the coming months.

If Xiaomi is coming out with a new phone, what other specifications do you think it will have?