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Are These Photos of the Next iPhone Real or Fake?

by Martin 2

Pictures published by website 9to5Mac show what looks like the back of an iPhone 6 with one big change, it shows dual rear cameras. Could this be the next-generation iPhone 6S or could these photos just be the work of a really good Photoshop artist?

iphone6s-leak-rose-gold-dual-cameraOther than the dual cameras which are rumored to be featured in the iPhone 6S, the device in the picture also comes in a rose gold color which is one of the colors the iPhone 6S is rumored to be available in. Since the current iPhone 6 isn’t available in rose gold, could that be further proof that this picture is legit?

If the leaked pictures are real, which is unlikely, then we’re looking at what looks like a design blunder from Apple as those dual cameras really don’t look good. We’ll just have to wait and see if these pictures are legit or not.

What do you think? Are these pictures real or just Photoshopped? If they are real, what do you think of the design of the dual cameras?

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  • חתול תעלול

    Probably fake, can’t believe that apple will go at that awkward type of design choice, specifically after the net punched them about the sticking out camera that makes totally unbalanced when putting it on a straight surface.

  • Cpaun

    Fake in my opinion.