Mobilsiden Publishes Smartphone Screen-to-Body Ratio Comparison

by Martin 1

The folks at Mobilsiden, a Danish smartphone news and reviews blog, have published a new graphic showcasing and comparing smartphone screen-to-body ratios.

smartphone-screen-ration-comparison-03The graphic puts some of the world’s most popular smartphones as well as a few others side-by-side with their screen-to-body ratios displayed to see which devices have made the most out of the device’s body and see which devices can truly be called compact. Having a higher screen-to-body ratios usually means the device ends up with a smaller and more compact body overall, which is actually a good thing especially when it comes to larger-screened smartphones that benefit from more compact bodies which make them easier to hold and use.

Manufacturers are able to increase their device’s screen-to-body ratio by removing the physical or capacitive touch buttons from the front of their device and replace them with on-screen buttons. They’re also able to achieve a higher screen-to-body ratio by significantly minimizing the amount of bezel around the device. Some manufacturers have even developed bezel-less designs which practically eliminates the side bezels of the screen making it seem that the screen is displaying over the edge of the device.


According to Mobilsiden’s graphic, the Sharp Aquos Crystal wins the screen-to-body ratio comparison with a ratio of 78.5% while the iPhone 5S from Apple has the lowest screen-to-body ratio of only 60.9%. Other notable entries include the recently released Oppo R7 Plus with a ratio of 76.6% due mainly to its bezel-less design as well as Apple which seems to be one of the worst offenders with three of its devices at the bottom of the list while LG has posted consistently high ratios with three of its latest devices placing on the upper half of the comparison’s list.

But does a devices’ screen-to-body ratio really matter that much? Because while Apple has two of its latest devices positioned at the bottom of the list, they are two of the best-selling smartphones in the world while the top-placing Aquos Crystal and Aquos Crystal 2 from Sharp are both very niche products with relatively lower sales compared to Apple.


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