No. 1 Unveils New Rugged, High-Battery Capacity X6800 Smartphone

by Martin 1

No.1 is known for making rugged smartphones with features that protect it from damage. Today, the company has unveiled their latest product, the X6800, which carries some big improvements over their previous devices.

no1-x6800-rugged-outdoor-smartphone-reveal-01The X6800 is a rugged looking smartphone which is made from a combination of hard plastic, rubber, and metal pieces. It features a rugged design which matches its rugged features including triple-proofing from shock, water, and scratches.

The new device also brings with it a couple of upgrades when compared to its predecessors including 4G LTE connectivity as well as an upgrade to its memory and storage specifically 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage from the company’s usual 1GB and 8GB configurations.

no1-x6800-rugged-outdoor-smartphone-reveal-02But the biggest feature the new X6800 is bringing to the table is its impressively large battery capacity of 6,800mAh which is almost double the capacity of other smartphones and is probably one of, if not, the biggest smartphone batteries available in the market today.

The No.1 X6800 is definitely a game-changer in the rugged outdoor smartphone bracket with its new features. And its other specifications haven’t even been revealed yet. We’re definitely looking forward to what else the X6800 is packing especially in the camera department.