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The 3rd Anniversary Sale Has Started with Discounts, Special Offers, and Prizes

by Martin 7

Geekbuying is celebrating its third anniversary this year with a big sale that involves discounts and special offers on a large selection of gadgets. They’re also giving away a number of raffle prizes to those who purchase products during the sale.

geekbuying-3rd-annivesary-sale-01The discounts include up to 50% off on cellphones, up to 60% off on tablets, up to 50% off on TV Boxes, up to 70% on select Xiaomi products, up to 90% off on select outdoor gadgets, and up to 90% off on select electronics. Geekbuying is also giving out discount coupon codes which, when used, enter buyers into raffles for other products. There are currently, as of this writing, coupon codes for 6% off, $15 off, $20 off, and $50 off, depending on the price of your order.

The main anniversary sale, which runs from June 1 through June 18 is divided into three stages. The first stage, the Flash Deal stage which runs from June 1 through June 7, will see a number of products on sale for big discounts during a specific time frame. Some examples include the Xiaomi Mi Pad which is, as of this writing, currently at 41% off for the next 12 hours as well as the Syllable G600 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone which is, also as of this writing, at 87% off.

During the second stage, the Brand Discount stage which runs from June 8 through 14, products from specific brands like Xiaomi will be put on sale at big discounts. And the third stage, the $0.01 Deals stage from June 15 to 18, will see products be sold at only or around $0.01. More details and information on the second and third stage of the sale including the products they will feature will be available once the specific stage begins.

All throughout the anniversary sale, there will also be Sponsored Brands sales from brands like Doogee, Cube, iOcean, and more; discounts on “Star” items like the Xiaomi Mi 4i, and OnePlus One, and the Meizu MX4; and discounts on pre-sale/pre-order products like the Blackview Hero 1, and Elephone P8000. Geekbuying will also be giving away a ton of gadgets through different raffles, some of which only ask for you to comment on anniversary page to join.

As previously mentioned, the Geekbuying 3rd Anniversary Sale will run from June 1st through June 18th at

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  • Dima

    Sorry, but this sale is for people that get excited about “price drops”, even if its fake.
    One Plus One originally costs 760$ ….? Really?

    • MaxPower

      They boosted the price to then pretend they are doing a 80% discount.
      This behavior is considered fraud in many western countries.

      Making a post about this sale event equal to endorse this scam.

      This happened to be my first post I read here on this blog and I guess it’s going to be the last one.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        @disqus_0lJZ8Bi7SK:disqus , PLEASE DONT LEAVE MAN !
        im a lonely visitor here from gizchina , i want MOAR gc people here…

        • MaxPower

          Yesterday was kinda slow so I decided to give it a try here and that posted showed up

          I don’t know about the community behind it but speaking of editors we are really low. It’s offensive against human intellect think that people would be buying this bs.

          Sad because they should promote the virtuous brands that struggle in a ocean of scammers and provide a list of reliable resellers so people won’t incur in a bad experience.

          I’ll see you around Muhammad bhai , I always read your comments with interest

          • Muhammad Yasir

            That was well-written.
            i understand your genuine concern 🙂

  • Wolvie

    Agree with MaxPower, this fuckin’ geekbuying always boost their price then slash again saying that they give 50% discount LOL

    Other vendor like pandawill never do this dirty tactics. This is a SCAM !

  • Silly

    Having the RRP at a higher price than it actually is very common with a lot of these sites, but the flash sales they’re having are the real deals.