ZTE Star 3 Renders Leaked, Features Two Rear Cameras

by Martin 0

New renders of the upcoming new flagship from ZTE, the Star 3, have been leaked and the images have confirmed some of the rumors surrounding the design and features of the new device.

zte-star-3-renders-leaked-01The first thing you’ll notice from the leaked images is the presence of two cameras at the rear of the device. It should be safe to assume that one of the cameras will act the device’s main camera while the second camera will be a depth camera used to collect depth-of-field data similar to the one found on the HTC One M8.

Additionally, looking at the front of the device, it seems that the top bezel above the screen is too narrow to hold a front-facing camera and can only accommodate the phone’s earpiece. There could still be a front-facing camera on the Star 3’s final design but it’s currently not seen in these renders.

zte-star-3-renders-leaked-02 zte-star-3-renders-leaked-04

The other noticeable feature of the Star 3 is its almost frameless and bezel-less design. The device looks like it uses a single piece of aluminum or plastic for the whole device that then connects to the front glass panel. The sides of the device are flat with chamfered edges while the top and bottom are rounded and curve from the back to the front.

Lastly, it looks like the Star 3 will be available in two different styles – one with a matte textured black plastic body and another that looks like glossy blue plastic or aluminum. Whether that means that the device will have more than one variant or if the differences are only aesthetic is currently unsure so we’ll have to wait for more information to come out.

Currently, no other details on the ZTE Star 3’s pricing, specifications, or availability have been released but we’ll keep an eye out for more info on ZTE’s next flagship smartphone.