Baidu Has Applied for Patents for a Smart Wallet

by Martin 0

The smart device industry is one of the fastest growing and most innovative technology industries in the world today with companies coming out with new and groundbreaking devices every single year. Today, through leaked patent applications, we’ve discovered that Chinese company Baidu is currently working on a Smart Wallet.

According to the patent applications, the Baidu Smart Wallet will feature a design similar to a traditional wallet but with added security features to protect the user from loss, theft, and fraud. The wallet will be equipped with GPS and sensor modules as well as microcomputer to enable it to pair with a smartphone for certain functions such as locating the wallet when misplaced and a theft alarm. The wallet can also be remotely commanded to ‘self-destruct’ to protect its contents including bank cards and IDs.

The patent applications also mention that the Baidu Smart Wallet may also feature biometric security technology such as fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, and iris recognition to secure the wallet from being opened or prevent the built-in payment RFID tags from being misused. In the event the wallet is forced open, the smart wallet will destroy its contents through the use of spray paint as well as degaussing.

Many of these features listed to be included in the Baidu Smart Wallet seem to be too farfetched and somewhat impossible but with the speed of innovation in today’s technology the company might just pull their smart wallet off. We’ll just have to wait and see where Baidu will take their Smart Wallet idea.

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