Pictures of an Unannounced Coolpad Ivvi Smartphone Have Been Leaked

by Martin 4

There’s only six days left until Coolpad’s next conference for their IVVI brand but today pictures of the smartphone the company was supposed to unveil at the conference have been leaked online.

coolpad-ivvi-new-smartphone-leak-01Looking at the leaked photos, the new smartphone, which we currently don’t know the name of, features a design that’s very similar to the iPhone 6 including the very popular 2.5D arc glass panel design. The amount of bezel on the front the device looks very minimal and the screen’s side bezels look very narrow.

When viewed from the side, the impressive thinness of the device can be seen. Reports have mentioned the device measures only 4.9mm thin which is actually very close to the thinness of the company’s Coolpad Ivvi K1 which is regarded as the thinnest smartphone in the world measuring only 4.7mm thin.

coolpad-ivvi-new-smartphone-leak-02The sides, top, and bottom of the device feature the usual assortment of ports and keys including a power button and a removable SIM card tray on the right-hand side, a volume rocker on the left, a USB port on the bottom, and a 3.5mm audio port on top.

The rear of the device shows of the device’s gold color and three-part/section design. An ‘Ivvi’ logo can also be seen on the rear of the device and because the device is so thin the device’s rear camera protrudes slightly.

Not much else is known about the device so we’ll have to wait for the company’s conference next week but from the looks of it, Coolpad’s new device might be a good contender in the market depending on what price the company will set for it.

coolpad-ivvi-new-smartphone-leak-03 coolpad-ivvi-new-smartphone-leak-06 coolpad-ivvi-new-smartphone-leak-05 coolpad-ivvi-new-smartphone-leak-04

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