The DOOGEE F3 Features a Gigantic Battery in a Slim 6.5mm Body

by Martin 6

Leaked pictures of the upcoming DOOGEE F3 smartphone’s internal frame reveal that the new device may feature uniquely designed interiors to accommodate the device’s gigantic battery.

doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-01Instead of a wider rectangular battery, the DOOGEE F3 looks like it will feature a narrower and taller battery within its 142 x 69mm body. Based on the pictures, the battery will measure around 98 x 37mm which is almost 37% of the device’s body. We can only imagine how big the battery’s capacity must be with those measurements. It’s also impressive how DOOGEE will fit the battery into the F3’s slim 6.5mm body.

doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-02 doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-03 doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-04 doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-05 doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-06And other than the large battery, DOOGEE must have done something to be able to compress the rest of the phone’s components to allow them to fit in the remaining space of the device given how large the battery is and how slim the device is. Based on the pictures, the device’s rear camera has been placed on the upper left of the device while the SIM card or microSD tray may have been transferred to the lower right.

doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-07 doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-08 doogee-f3-large-battery-slim-leaked-09

We’ll have to wait and see just exactly how big the phone’s battery is and how DOOGEE will be able to fit high-end flagship-level hardware into it along with its large battery.