ZTE’s New Battery Technology Could Last 2-3 Times Longer

by Martin 1

As manufacturers inject more and more features and increasingly more powerful hardware into their flagship smartphones all the while designing them to be thinner and thinner their battery lives unavoidably suffer and shorten as a natural consequence. But with their new battery technology, ZTE plans to exponentially increase their devices’ battery lives in spite of featuring new and power hungry technology.

zte-highdensitybatterytech-leaked-01ZTE’s next flagship will feature a new high-density shaped battery that is reported to possess, at the same volume, two to three times the energy density of conventional lithium batteries. The new batteries are also reported to cost 15% cheaper to manufacture. Consequentially, due to their high density the batteries can also be made thinner and smaller. Additionally, the new high-density batteries are very flexible making their curvature, shape, and stacking adjustable to fit different smartphone interiors and power terminal designs.

While the technology is still incredibly new, there may still be challenges the company needs to get through to fully accomplish and perfect it for mass production in their upcoming flagship devices. We’ll have to wait and see how this new technological innovation progresses as it will be a big game-changer in the smartphone industry.