Meizu, Huawei, and now Xiaomi Are All Announcing Things on June 30

by Martin 1

On June 30, both Huawei and Meizu are officially launching new flagship devices with the former releasing the Honor 7 and the latter launching the MX5. And it looks like Xiaomi is also planning to announce something new on the same day according to a post by the company’s President, Lin Bin.

xiaomi-june30-surprise-01While Xiaomi was expected to release a new variant of the Mi Note Pro before the 30th, the company’s president, Lin Bin, on his Weibo account, posted a picture of him wearing a Brazilian soccer uniform followed by an announcement that Xiaomi had a surprise planned for June 30.

What the company has planned is a complete mystery but some users believe that the company is either announcing a new partnership or sponsorship in Brazil or is announcing something in line with an online live sports TV channel.

We’ll just have to wait until June 30 to find out what Xiaomi has planned but it’s unlikely that the company is releasing a new product on that day.