Ramos Mos1 Launch Date Announced, to Feature High-Density 4850mAh battery

by Martin 3

Ramos has officially announced the launch date of their upcoming flagship Mos1 smartphone. The company announced, through their Weibo account, that they would hold a press conference on July 13 in Beijing, China.

ramos-mos1-launch-date-announced-01According to previously leaked marketing and campaign materials, the new device’s main selling feature is its high-density 4850mAh battery with an energy density of 800Wh/L which means we can expect the battery’s size to be fairly and relatively small. Additionally, the Mos1’s battery is said to be manufactured by BYD, a Chinese company counted as one of the major manufacturers of rechargeable batteries.

ramos-mos1-launch-date-announced-02It was also previously leaked that the Mos1 will also feature a metal frame with what the company calls a ‘five-sided crystal cutting edge’ design. Based on previously released images, it looks like the device’s frame will feature double-chamfered edges which makes the frame look like it has five sides. Lastly, the Mos1 will feature two 2.5D arc glass panels; one for the front and one for the back.

The rest of the Mos1’s specifications are still unknown so we’ll have to wait and see if any more information leaks or wait until the company officially reveals the device next month. The Mo1 is Ramos’ first smartphone. The company was previously known to manufacture only tablet PCs.