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Ulefone Demonstrates the Be Touch 2’s Battery Performance

by Martin 3

The recently released Be Touch 2 features a 3050mAh battery which has 500mAh more capacity than the battery that came with its predecessor, the original Be Touch, but comes in the same size due to the company switching to Sony Li-Polymer battery cells. Today, the company has released a demonstration of the Be Touch 2’s battery’s performance.

ulefone-betouch2-unveil-02According to Ulefone, the Be Touch 2’s battery is able to last up to 340 hours of standby time with all apps closed. As for its battery life when in use, Ulefone set the Be Touch 2’s display brightness to 50% and let a 1080p video loop continuously until the battery died. According to the company, the battery lasted for around five and a half hours. For comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus was tested similarly and only lasted around five hours. Additionally, the Be Touch 2 used in the test took only 2 hours to charge back to full due to the built-in quick charge technology.

Ulefone believes that it’s still possible to improve the Be Touch 2’s battery life through software optimizations that the company can release through future updates so the Be Touch 2’s battery may even improve in the future.

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  • Dan Chambers

    Poor battery life I’m afraid. Also fingerprint recognition is very hit and miss.

  • Jeff

    I agree, I get 3 to 4 hours use and that is with the screen brightness at the very lowest setting & as many apps turned off as I can. The phone also gets very hot sometimes and has actually shut itself off ( I assume cool down).
    I love all the specs on this phone and believe it could have been a real winner … Except for these issues. Instead I am now shopping for a new phone after only one month of owning ànd using this ‘Be Touch 2’. Very dissatisfied.
    I DO NOT recommend this phone due to battery life and overheating.

  • Hatim Zinaoui

    J’ai un problème avec la batterie, a vrais dire ce n’est pas parfaitement 3050 mAh, elle se vide rapidement. Aussi fingerprint ne fonctionne pas bien, ça beug tout le temps.