Huawei Announces New Honor Zero Smart Watch

by Martin 0

Along with the announcement of its new Honor 7 smartphones and Honor Bluetooth headsets, Huawei has also unveiled a new smart watch called the Honor Zero.

huawei-honorzero-smartwatch-unveil-01The new smart watch features a minimalist design with its brushed metal thin round shell that comes with no buttons leaving the round touch screen as the only avenue of interfacing with the device. It also features IP68 waterproof certification which means it can withstand water pressure up to 10 meters in depth.

huawei-honorzero-smartwatch-unveil-02The Honor Zero is equipped with the usual smart watch features such as message and calendar notifications as well as a pedometer and a sleep monitor. It is also equipped with a battery that can supposedly last up to four days.

huawei-honorzero-smartwatch-unveil-03The watch will be available in three different colors – white, black, and beige – and is scheduled for release sometime in August 2015. Huawei has yet to announce the price of the Honor Zero but its price should be very affordable given its very simple design and set of features.