Ulefone’s Next Smartphone Is Called the Power

by Martin 1

After the successful launch and promotion of their Be Touch 2 flagship, it looks like Ulefone is already working on a new smartphone called the Ulefone Power, according recent reports as well as a leaked render of the upcoming device.

ulefone-powe-render-leak-01The leaked render shows an open back of a smartphone revealing a battery that seems to take up most of the device’s interiors. For comparison, the Be touch 2’s 3050mAh battery takes up 50% of the device’s interior while the battery shown in the leaked render seems to take up almost 90% of the device’s interior. If the render translates onto the actual device, it would be safe to assume that the Ulefone Power will be equipped with a rather large battery somewhere in the 6000mAh range or even larger.

Not much else is known about the Ulefone Power and since the company is still actively promoting their Be Touch 2 flagship, we might not see the new device very soon.