The UMI Iron and its U-Health App Can Take Your Heart Rate and More.

by Martin 0

Since the official unveiling of the UMI Iron, the company’s latest flagship smartphone, many of its special features have started to get attention. One of which is the sensor that’s built into the device which can take your heart rate when used with UMI pre-instaled U-Health app.

umi-uhealth-app-01The sensor is located on the front side of the UMI Iron on the left side of the device’s front-facing camera. After opening the app, users will only need to choose the “Heart Rate” option to activate the Heart Rate Monitor. Once activated, the app will tell the user to place their finger on the sensor and wait for the app to take the reading.

UMI suggests that during the reading, users should stay still and keep quiet as movement or talking can lead to inaccurate readings. Once the app is done taking your heart rate, it’ll display it along with current date and time the reading was taken to help users keep track of their past readings which, for those with heart or health problems, is quite important.

umi-uhealth-app-02The U-Health app also has other features including a Stress Monitor and a feature called the UV Monitor but we’ll have to wait and see how exactly each of these features work and what they can do for your health. But from the looks of it the Stress Monitor works similar to how the Heart Rate monitor works while the UV monitor is meant to measure the amount of UV rays the sun is currently sending down on us.

umi-uhealth-app-03 umi-uhealth-app-04


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