The UMI Zero 2 Will Feature a 5.2-inch 2K Super AMOLED Display

by Martin 5

It looks like UMI is again trying to be unique with their upcoming smartphones as a new teaser on the company’s Facebook page and leaked reports reveal that the upcoming UMI Zero 2 will again feature a Samsung Super AMOLED display but this time it will come in 2K instead of the usual 1080p resolution.

umi-zero2-display-tease-01Aside from UMI, the only other Chinese manufacturer that utilizes Samsung’s Super AMOLED display is Oppo. Additionally, UMI is also trying to take a different route by using a 5.2-inch screen instead of the more common 5.5-inch displays used by most manufacturers.

So far, UMI has only revealed the display panel, resolution, and screen size of the UMI Zero 2. We’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the upcoming smartphone’s specifications are. But since UMI is one of those manufacturers that likes to continually and regularly tease the features of their upcoming devices, we won’t have to wait for long before we find out more about the UMI Zero 2.