Xiaomi to Release a Mysterious Slim Product With 5mm Thickness

by Martin 3

Millet has revealed through released promotional materials that the company will be announcing a new device on July 16 which was thought to be the new Mi TV 3, which was recently seen on the CSC website, but a recent post by the company’s vice-president, Liu De, on his Weibo social network account has caused doubt as to what the company plans to unveil later this week.

xiaomi-unknown-device-5mm-02Other than the date of the unveiling, the released promotional materials only show the letters “PK” while the post on Liu De’s Weibo account show a picture of the side of an unknown device showing off its thin profile of an estimated 5mm. He also mentioned in his post that the unknown device is “high-tech, beautiful”. Additionally, Xiaomi has released new promotional materials that only mention “refinement, everything”.

So now we’re not sure if the product the company plans to unveil on July 16 is the new Mi TV 3 or a completely different device. What could the 5mm thin device in the picture be? Is Xiaomi releasing a 5mm thin Mi TV 3? What does PK mean? We’ll just have to wait for the company’s official announcement to see what their new device is.

xiaomi-unknown-device-5mm-01 xiaomi-unknown-device-5mm-03