Ulefone Announces uWear Smartwatch

by Martin 0

Ulefone has officially revealed that the company is entering the smartwatch industry with the announcement of their uWear smartwatch.

ulefone-uwear-smartwatch-announced-01The company came up with the uWear name with the help of their fans through the company’s official Facebook page where their fans suggested a number of possible names for the new device. At the end of it all, the company picked uWear as the name of their upcoming smartwatch.

The uWear smartwatch features a design that’s incredibly similar to the Apple Watch, which the company is not shy to mention. The uWear features the same face, back, frame, buttons, and wristband as the Apple’s smartwatch but lacks the Apple Watch’s digital crown button although, according to Ulefone, the uWear will be much thinner than the Apple Watch.

ulefone-uwear-smartwatch-announced-02The company did not mention the uWear’s features or specifications but did reveal that they designed the uWear for sports enthusiasts and will come with features such as a pedometer and sleep monitor. Other basic smartwatch features such as call reception and social media notifications will also be included in the new smartwatch.

As for the rest of the uWear’s features and specifications as well as the new device’s price and release date, the company should unveil more information within the next few weeks.