Meizu Smartphone Spotted Running Windows Phone OS

by Martin 1

It looks like the speculation on what Meizu is planning to announce on July 16 has increased with a video spotted online showing a Meizu smartphone running what looks like a Windows Phone operating system.

meizu-windowsphone-video-01The video shows an unknown person showing off what looks like a Meizu M2 Note running Windows Phone. The person in the video browses through the phone’s interface and even opens up the Windows Store app. The familiar icons and apps of Microsoft’s mobile operating system including the Xbox, Internet Explorer, and Outlook apps can also be seen on the phone’s screen.

There is speculation that the video might be fake or the Windows Phone interface shown in the video is only a skin for Android. This is mainly because the device featured in the video looks like a Meizu M2 Note which uses a MediaTek MT6753 processor which is known to not support Windows Phone.

This could also mean that Meizu may be working on a version of the M2 Note that uses a different processor (maybe a Qualcomm one) that supports Windows Phone. There’s also speculation that Meizu has partnered with Nokia on a possible new device.

Here’s the link to the posted video so you can also speculate what it’s really all about: