The 5-Step Process Behind the DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100 Pro’s Back Cover

by Martin 0

Bezel-less displays and 2.5D arc glass panels seem to be the biggest trend in Chinese smartphone design and manufacturing these days as almost every big smartphone company from China has come out with a device featuring one or both of these features.

doogee-valencia2-y100pro-backcover-01So DOOGEE has decided to go another route and focus on the other side of the device, the back cover. The company has revealed the 5-step process behind the creation of the back cover of their latest Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone.

According to DOOGEE, the back cover of the Valencia 2 Y100 Pro starts with an eco-friendly polycarbonate base which is processed using an abrasive belt wire to achieve the right shape, curvature, and texture of the back cover.

doogee-valencia2-y100pro-backcover-02The back cover is then treated with electrostatic electricity then sprayed with a specially proportioned mixture of high quality aluminum alloy ground into nanoscale powder and Japanese Musashi paint. The back cover is then exposed to high frequency ultrasonic wave vibrations which helps the aluminum alloy particles be absorbed evenly throughout the surface of the back cover giving it a silky metallic texture.

Lastly, the back cover is brushed with a layer of lubrication oil texture to improve its wear resistance.

The whole process gives the Valencia 2 Y100 Pro its brushed metal look and feel while at the same time improves its overall durability.