Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Heat and Performance Issues Alleviated by Foil

by Martin 3

The Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm has been notoriously known for having very concerning heat issues as well as performance issues related to that. The processor’s problems have been highly publicized and documented even though Qualcomm themselves deny it. Different manufacturers have tried different ways to alleviate or resolve the Snapdragon 810’s issues through software updates to no avail but a user from the XDA forum has discovered a very simple yet ingenious way to somewhat deal with the issue at almost no cost.

snapdragon810-foil-fix-01XDA user “schecter7” came up with the idea of stuffing a folded sheet of everyday kitchen foil into the protective case of his Sony Xperia Z3 before putting it on his device. Without the kitchen foil in the protective case, the temperature of his Xperia Z3 would rise to around 51.4-degrees Celsius and the performance of his device would drop to around 74.75% when an AnTuTu benchmark test would be run. But with the kitchen foil in the protective case, the temperature of his Xperia Z3 only reached 50.1-degrees Celsius during the benchmark test while the performance stayed up at 80.01%.

snapdragon810-foil-fix-02 snapdragon810-foil-fix-03While the aluminum foil didn’t affect the temperature of the device that much with only around a 1% difference, the difference in performance is definitely noticeable with an increase in performance of around 5.26%. While the simple solution doesn’t completely fix the issues of the Snapdragon 810, it’s definitely a convenient solution at almost no cost which makes it definitely worth trying.