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DOOGEE Unveils Titans 3 T3 Luxury Smartphone with Dual Display and Iris Identification

by Martin 4

DOOGEE has just unveiled a big surprise, a luxury smartphone similar to the likes produced by Vertu which the company is calling the Titans 3 T3.

doogee-titans3-t3-unveil-01Today, the company has released pictures of Titans 3 T3 which reveal its striking design which includes a dual display system where the device’s second display is found on the top side of the device, an alloy metal frame, and a leather back cover. The rest of the luxury smartphone’s special features include Iris Identification and waterproofing.

As for its specifications, DOOGEE has only revealed that the Titans 3 T3 will feature a 5-inch full HD display, a MediaTek MTK6735 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. The company also did not disclose a price for the new luxury device but they did announce that the Titans 3 T3 will officially launch sometime in October.

Chinese smartphones aren’t usually associated with luxury smartphones similar to Vertu so this big announcement is exciting. Will DOOGEE give the Titan 3 T3 a high price tag or will it be an affordable luxury smartphone? What other luxury features will the company put into it? We’ll just have to wait and see but this is definitely one of the most surprising and exciting news as of late.

doogee-titans3-t3-unveil-02 doogee-titans3-t3-unveil-03 doogee-titans3-t3-unveil-04 doogee-titans3-t3-unveil-05 doogee-titans3-t3-unveil-06



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  • Tony Lee

    a particular way to success

  • חתול תעלול

    The MT6735 SoC doesn’t support FHD displays as far as I know.

  • amirexpressir

    Great to see sth new
    doogee with their DG700 , brings attention to producing some rugged(tre-proof) phone(before lenovo also released that too,but they abandon it)

    although they had problems regarding quality or OTAs,but still a new nice move may bring changes…as all we usually see are upgrading specs these days, and being unique or irrevelant to what others is bringing,seems appaling…
    hope they will be optimizing the last released product in every way

  • Nadam

    Btw price dropped to $199 at Geekbuynng.