OnePlus 2 launches app, here’s how to get your invite for the OnePlus 2

by Khurram Anwar 0

Lastly, OnePlus released the OnePlus 2 Launch app on the Google Play Store for its launch event tomorrow at 7.30 am. You can download this app on your Android phones
and if you have the Google Cardboard or OnePlus VR cardboard, you can watch the VR launch or in case you don’t have it, you can follow the regular launch stream.

In a post on its forum, OnePlus said, “As Carl has already mentioned, invites are still a necessity, but we’re striving to make the process as painless as possible thanks to more inventory, a reservation list, and a quicker rollout of shareable invites.”

The post explains how users could get their invite to the OnePlus 2.

Follow OnePlus on all possible social media platforms & watch out for quick giveaways of invites. From previous experience, these things go fast – though OnePlus is promising that the actual codes will be sent out to the people much faster this time.

Users can also sign up on a reservation list, which could possibly give them invites to purchase the OnePlus 2 if there are any released invites that are unclaimed.

Once an invite has been acquired, the user has max. of 24 hours to purchase the OnePlus 2. It will then take up to 3 weeks before the smartphone is ready to be shipped to the customer. Users that have purchased the OnePlus 2 will at first receive very few invites to be shared, which they can share within 1 week to 2 weeks. 

The number of invites that can be shared will gradually increase as the production of the smartphone ramps up, with users receiving more invites to share as they share more invites.

We’ve been hearing rumours about the specs of the ‘smartphone killer’ for months now, but with just a very few short hours to go until the official reveal things are starting to get more exciting!

So, do not forget to grab the app here to watch it easily live.

via: IrishExaminer,Firstpost.