Samsung To Supply OLED Panels To Huawei, Nexus Rumor Revitalized

by Khurram Anwar 1

Samsung Display is one of the world’s largest OLED display manufacturers &as you might recall, back in May word on the street was that Huawei’s mysterious Nexus phone will be equipped with a 5.7-inch 2K OLED panel supplied by none other than the Korean giant.

We haven’t heard much since, but today a fresh report (which is citing a South Korean publication going by the name of MK News)  suggests that Samsung Display has already begun shipping its OLED panels to Huawei for testing purposes. Furthermore, the number of orders is said to be gradually increasing.

According to sources, the electronics industry relations, though not much to Huawei’s first OLED panel Samsung Display under orders, but until through product testing & other operations, estimated future Huawei will continue to increase orders.

According to reports, in addition to Huawei, Samsung Display OLED panels have been supplied to Vivo, a number of OPPO, Gionee and Meizu Chinese smartphone factory.

Reported that, according to IHS data show that in 2015 global mobile device Q1 with OLED panel market size of $ 2.3 billion 2,557 million, of which Samsung Display Exclusive 98.5% market share.

It is also assumed that Google intends to release the new smartphone line-up in a similar timeframe as the previous models, then Huawei should probably start manufacturing its first Nexus device right about now, if it hasn’t already.

Well, if today’s rumors are correct then we should be hearing of a new Huawei smartphone equipped with an OLED panel supplied by Samsung fairly soon. We’ll keep you posted once the story develops so stay tuned.

Source: MoneyDJ news