Ulefone uWear Photos Leaked, Available in Two Colors

by Martin 1

It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten any information on the Ulefone uWear smartwatch since the company announced it last month. But today, photos as well as a few details on its design and specs have been leaked online.

ulefone-uwear-photo-leak-01The leaked photos two units of the uWear with two different colored metal cases. One of the watches in the photo comes in a matte silver case while the other features a shiny grey case. The photos also shows the sensor array found on the bottom of the device. As announced by the Ulefone, the uWear does bear a striking resemblance to the Apple Watch and also features removable wrist straps.

According to the leaked information, the company plans to officially unveil the device’s price and complete specifications sometime this month and that the company has designed the uWear to be a high-end device instead of a cheap copy of the Apple Watch. The company is also expected to reveal the release date of the device sometime this month.

We’ll have to wait for Ulefone’s official announcements later this month to confirm all the speculation and reports on the device so far. If the company really does plan to position the uWear as a high-end device then we’re excited to see what features and specifications the new device will be packed with.