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Elephone P7000 and P8000 Outpace the Mi Note and Galaxy Note 3 in Flash Memory Test

by Martin 1

Elephone has published a video pitting the company’s latest flagships, the P7000 and P8000, against the Mi Note from Xiaomi and the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung in a flash memory benchmark test to see which device had the fastest read/write performance.

elephone-p7000-p8000-flashmemory-comparison-01The test was conducted using AndroBench 4 which is a storage benchmarking tool for Android devices. The app runs a number of operations to test and benchmark the device’s flash memory performance and see how fast it can read and/or write data.

According to the video, the P7000 finished the benchmark test first with the P8000 following closely behind it while the Galaxy Note 3 and Mi Note finished third and fourth, respectively. The benchmark test results showed that the P7000 and P8000 significantly trumped and outperformed both the Mi Note and Galaxy Note 3 in all of the flash memory read/write tests. Here are the results:

Sequential Read

Xiaomi Mi Note – 176.87 MB/s
Elephone P7000 – 230.23 MB/s
Elephone P8000 – 230.11 MB/s
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 146.5 MB/s

Sequential Write

Xiaomi Mi Note – 29.68 MB/s
Elephone P7000 – 72.18 MB/s
Elephone P8000 – 72.34 MB/s
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 70.74 MB/s

Random Read

Xiaomi Mi Note – 15.65MB/s, 4037.91 IOPS
Elephone P7000 – 22.22MB/s, 5735.26 IOPS
Elephone P8000 – 23.92 MB/s, 6174.66 IOPS
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 16.95 MB/s, 4389.6 IOPS

Random Write

Xiaomi Mi Note – 6.32MB/s, 1634.81 IOPS
Elephone P7000 – 12.89MB/s, 3309.69 IOPS
Elephone P8000 – 12.5 MB/s, 3235.68 IOPS
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 8.54 MB/s, 2206.97 IOPS

elephone-p7000-p8000-flashmemory-comparison-02The speed of the Elephone P7000 and P8000 is mainly due to the faster eMMC 5.0 flash memory the company decided to use for the flagship devices. The faster chips lead not only to faster read/write speeds but also faster overall performance as both devices also launched apps faster than either of the other competing devices.

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  • wolvie

    How about durability ? Normally China phone is not so durable compare to Samsung or apple or china reputable brand like Xiaomi,Huawei, etc.

    Those small china brand must improve their Quality Control if they want to compete with big reputable brands.

    Not only price matters but quality also important.

    If cheap but use only 3-6 months then faulty then it is a big waste of money !!!
    Rather i spend on better brands, more expensive a bit but reliable.

    Of course i will not buy from apple,samsung, Sony, LG,huawei, Oppo,etc coz their price are fuckin’ extremely expensive compare to others.