Xiaomi Takes Lead in Smart Home Router Market

by Martin 0

Research firm Analysys has released a research report showing the Chinese domestic market share in the smart home router market. And according to the report, Xiaomi has taken the lead in the said market with Lenovo taking second place.

xiaomi-mi-router-mini-2The report states that in the second quarter of 2015, Xiaomi occupied a market share of around 60.6% while the second place Lenovo had a market share of only 19%. Additionally, the third, fourth and fifth place had a market share of 12%, 5.6%, and 2.8%, respectively.

The Analysys report also shows that since the first smart home router was released there’s been a rapid growth in the market leading up to a total domestic sales of 4,289,536 units as of the second quarter of 2015. Over 2 million of those units were sold by Xiaomi which has given it an overall market share lead of 48.2% while the second and third place companies have market shares of 34.0% and 10.4%, respectively.

Aside from its gigantic smartphone business, smart home routers is another market that Xiaomi has quickly taken dominance over since the company first opened its doors only half a decade ago. The company is also expanding and growing quickly in other markets including power banks, smart home products, televisions, and more.

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