DOOGEE Shows Off Its Fireproof & Flexible Real Bamboo Back Cover

by Martin 3

DOOGEE’s upcoming F3 flagship smartphone is one of this year’s devices that feature a real wood back cover along with the OnePlus 2 and the Moto X. DOOGEE has released a few picture that details its real bamboo back cover.

doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-01For its real bamboo back cover, DOOGEE chose to use real bamboo which is innately very resilient. It’s stronger than steel and concrete in tension and compression, respectively. It’s also lighter than glass or steel. Its toughness and light weight are the reasons why the company chose to use it for the F3.

The DOOGEE F3’s real bamboo back cover is composed of three materials layered one over the other – a layer of fiberglass, a real bamboo layer, and a final layer of paint. The last layer of paint is meant to improve the bamboo’s gloss, smoothness, and to make it both antiseptic and smudge-free.

doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-02Ever after all the layers are combined, the back cover is still very thin and resilient. It measures only 0.4mm thin and can be bent almost completely without breaking. Lastly, DOOGEE also showed off the resilience of the bamboo by attempting to let it catch on fire using a lighter. While the bamboo in the test burned, it did not catch on fire.

Aside from the real bamboo back cover, the DOOGEE F3 will also be available with Gorilla Glass, black apricot wood, and Kevlar back covers.

doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-03doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-10 doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-11 doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-12doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-04 doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-05 doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-06 doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-07 doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-08 doogee-f3-real-bamboo-cover-09