MIUI 7’s Five Built-in Themes Previewed

by Martin 1

Earlier today, along with the reveal of the Redmi Note 2, Xiaomi also unveiled the new version of its Android-based operating system, MIUI 7.

miui7-themes-22According to Xiaomi, MIUI 7 features an improved speed of 30% compared to MIUI 6 and is more power efficient leading to a boost in battery life by up to 25%. While the performance changes are impressive, the new operating system did not change that much visually as its looks remain mostly similar to MIUI 6.

miui7-themes-23To offset this lack of visual updates, Xiaomi has included five built-in themes for MIUI 7 which the company has previewed. The five themes include a default MIUI 7 theme, a Luxury Light theme, a Boys Edition theme, a Girls/Female Edition theme, and a Goddess theme.

All five themes will feature customization to fine tune them to the user’s preference and will come pre-installed with MIUI 7. Additionally, third-party themes may become available and downloadable later on.

Default Theme:

Luxury Light Theme:

Boys Edition Theme:

Girls/Female Edition Theme:

Goddess Theme: