UMI Zero 2 to Feature a Real Leather Back Cover, May Come in Two Variants

by Martin 3

UMI has slowly teased many of the features of its upcoming flagship the Zero 2 and today the company has teased another feature yet again, one that may also reveal another fact about the upcoming device.

umi-zero2-leather-back-tease-01According to a post on the device’s official Facebook page, the UMI Zero 2 will feature a real leather back cover similar to the one found on some Vertu phones and the LG G4. While this is an exciting development, a previous announcement by the company teased that the Zero 2 will also feature a dual display system specifically an e-ink display at the back of the device similar to the one found on the Yotaphone.

Does this mean the company plans to release two versions of the Zero 2? One with the previously teased dual display and another with the now announced leather back cover? A Zero Pro? We’ll just have to wait for more information from the company to actually find out what it plans to do with the Zero 2 flagship.

Aside from these, the UMI Zero 2 is also teased to feature a USB Type-C connector, Quick Charging, a 20-megapixel rear camera, a front LED flash, and a 5.2-inch QuadHD Super AMOLED display. So if all of the features UMI has been teasing become reality, the UMI Zero 2 will be one of the devices to watch out for later this year.