Honor device with Sliding Camera may feature Fingerprint Recognition on the Frame

by Martin 0

We had already seen the images and details of a new Huawei device that featured a fairly unique camera setup.


Information about the device was also leaked that states that the new device also features fingerprint recognition but instead of placing the sensor on the rear or home button of the device, it will be located on the frame of the device instead which is something that no other smartphone company has done so far. Additionally, the device is said to be priced at only around 2499 Yuan.

huawei-honor-sliding-camera-02The leaked images from TENAA show a smartphone that looks a lot like previous Honor devices but instead of a fixed front and rear camera, a rectangular block that holds both the front and rear camera slides up to both adjust the rear camera and expose the front-facing camera. Both the front and rear cameras are each coupled with their own flash as well. It’s still unknown why Huawei designed the camera system this way and what features or functions the new system possesses but it is fairly unique and intriguing.

It looks like Huawei is trying to experiment with new and unique features with this new Honor device and we look forward to finding out more details on it.