Ulefone Be Touch 2 Camera Comparison Video

by Martin 0

Ulefone has published a new video comparing the camera of its Be Touch 2 flagship against the cameras of the recently released OnePlus 2 and the Meizu MX5. It looks like the folks at Ulefone are quite confident about the Be Touch 2 since they’ve put it up against two of the strongest China flagships in the market today.

ulefone-betouch2-camera-comparison-01The video compares both the still photo and video recording capabilities of the three devices. When comparing their still photo performance, the Be Touch 2’s images were slightly washed out and overexposed, the photos captured by the OnePlus 2 were more balanced, and the MX5’s images were slightly dark and underexposed.

As for their video performance, the Be Touch 2’s videos were shaky due to a lack of image stabilization, the videos of the MX5 were slightly less shaky, while the OnePlus 2’s videos were the most stable.

Putting into consideration that the Be Touch 2 is only priced at around half as much as the two other devices, its camera performed quite well. What’s even better is that the Be Touch 2’s camera can be improved through future software updates to increase its still photo and video capture performance.

The Ulefone Be Touch is currently available for an SRP of $229.99 from several online retailers.