The LIVALL Bling Helmet Is the World’s First Smart Helmet

by Martin 0

Chinese company LIVALL has officially announced its first product – the LIVALL Bling Helmet – which the company calls the world’s first smart cycling helmet. The product is currently an Indiegogo campaign which is 568% funded with 35 days left.

livall-bling-helmet-01The Bling integrates a slew of communications, music, and smart lighting features to create a safe and fun biking experience. First off, the Bling features built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and a microphone to enable cyclists to make and answer phone calls safely. It’s also equipped with a walkie-talkie function to enable cycling teams to communicate with each other. The Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers also let cyclists listen to music safely. Other built-in features include a 3-axis G-sensor which can detect falls and automatically sends SOS alerts to your emergency contacts.

livall-bling-helmet-02LIVALL has also equipped the Bling helmet with 80 LED lights on the top and back of the helmet to make it visible at night as well as a pair of LED tail lights that show turning signals. These make the Bling safe to use at night and remove the need for actual hand signals. The LED lights, turning signals, walkie-talkie, music, and other functions can be controlled using the included Bling Jet remote control that can be attached to the bike’s handle bars. The Bling helmet also comes with a Nano Cadence Sensor, the smallest cadence sensor in the world, which detects your speed, distance traveled, and calories burned.

livall-bling-helmet-03The Bling helmet, the Jet Remote Control, and the Nano Cadence Sensor work together through the LIVALL Riding App. The app can play music, send out SOS alerts, control the helmet lighting, show cycling stats, take photos and videos, and share your data on social media. The app can also sync with your other devices including your pedometer or smartwatch to enhance the stats it shows.

livall-bling-helmet-04Lastly, the Bling helmet comes with a Phone Holder which attaches to your bike’s handle bars and keeps the phone in easy reach and view. The phone holder is equipped with a power bank that can be attached to your phone to keep it powered.

The LIVALL Bling helmet will be available in three different colors – Ferrari Red, Ocean Blue, and Bumblebee Yellow.

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