HiSense VIDAA Mirror Tablet Hands-on Pictures Published

by Martin 3

The VIDAA Mirror Tablet is the latest tablet from HiSense and hands-on pictures of this new tablet have been published online.

hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-01The Hisense Vidaa features a very simple and sleek all-metal design with its 7-inch display covering 90% of its 8.5-inch body. The 7-inch display of the VIDAA features a wide screen resolution of 2560 x 1600. And while the most of the VIDAA’s bezels are extremely thin, one side is around an inch thick giving the device a slightly unusual design. The enlarged bezel on one side could be for some of the device’s components as well as to make it easier to grip when held horizontally.

The rear of the Hisense VIDAA features a wide soft chamfered design instead of the usual flat or curved edged design of most other tablets. It features the device’s power button as well as its double sound chamber stereo speakers. A raised area of the back cover contains the device’s USB port which is the only port available on the whole device. The whole device measures only 3.4mm thin and weighs only 280 grams.

As for its specifications, the VIDAA Mirror Tablet is powered by a quad-core RK3288 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and runs Android 5.0. The VIDAA is currently priced at around 1799 Yuan through Jingdong Mall.

hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-02 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-03 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-04 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-05 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-06 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-07 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-08 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-09 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-10 hisense-vidaa-mirror-tablet-handson-11