Huawei Honor 7i vs ZUK Z1

by Martin 1

August has been a month of many new things, specifically it featured the first smartphone by Lenovo sub-brand ZUK, the Z1, and the launch of a new and unique smartphone by Huawei, the Honor 7i. We compare these two new devices and see how the first flagship by ZUK matches up against the new design of Huawei.


While ZUK has taken the safe route with the design of the Z1, with a metal frame combined with glass in front and glossy plastic at the rear that resembles a mishmash of many different flagship smartphones, Huawei has decided to take a completely different route with the Honor 7i by removing the front-mounted camera altogether and creating a flip-up system for the device’s rear camera which allows it to face forward and act as the front-facing camera. Huawei has also taken a new route with the device’s fingerprint sensor by mounting it on the side of the device which is something that hardly any other manufacturer has done so far while the ZUK Z1 comes with a home button mounted fingerprint sensor. Additionally, ZUK Z1 features the newer USB Type-C connector while the Honor 7i comes with an older but more conventional micro USB port.


The displays of the ZUK Z1 and the Huawei Honor 7i are inversely matched as both device’s come with 1080p full HD displays but the former features a larger 5.5-inch display compared to the latter’s 5.2-inch display which then leads to the latter’s screen featuring a higher pixel density of 423ppi while the former’s screen has a pixel density of 401ppi. So it all falls down to whether screen size or sharpness is more important. Screen size goes to the Z1 while pixel density goes to the Honor 7i.


The Honor 7i’s camera is probably its biggest feature and main selling point. While both the Honor 7i’s and Z1’s rear cameras feature Sony sensors, the 13-megapixel flip-up camera of the Honor 7i acts as both the rear and front camera which practically gives the Honor 7i a better all-around camera setup than many devices including the ZUK Z1 with its 13-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front-facing camera combo.

Processor and RAM

Since the ZUK Z1 is regarded as the company’s first flagship device, it wasn’t a surprise to see a flagship level processor installed in it. The Z1 is equipped with a Snapdragon 801 processor, considered as one of last year’s best processors, while the Honor 7i is equipped with a newer but mid-range, lower-specced Snapdragon 616 processor. Even though the Honor 7i’s processor is 64-bit and comes with more cores, the sheer power of the 32-bit Snapdragon 801 easily outpaces it.

When it comes to RAM, the ZUK Z1 comes with 3GB of RAM while the Honor 7i will be available in either 2GB or 3GB RAM variants.

Battery and Storage

With a powerful processor like the Snapdragon 801 in it, ZUK has equipped the Z1 with a large 4100mAh battery while the Honor 7i uses a smaller 3100mAh battery. As for storage, the Z1 comes with 64GB of internal storage while the Honor 7i’s two variants come with only 16GB and 32GB of storage, respectively. When it comes to battery life and storage, the ZUK Z1 looks to have the clear advantage.


In spite of its heftier specifications, the ZUK Z1 is surprisingly priced at only 1,800 Yuan while the Honor 7i comes out slightly cheaper at 1,599 Yuan. So if you’re looking for a new mid-range smartphone with a unique camera system and fingerprints sensor then the Huawei Honor 7i is the better choice but for a few 100 Yuan more you can get the ZUK Z1 which is considered by many as a flagship killer due to its powerful specs coupled with a very cheap price.

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