Is Huawei Working on Another Flagship Smartphone?

by Martin 0

It’s widely known that Huawei’s flagship Mate S is expected to officially unveiled next week but it looks like the company might still be working on launching another flagship this year according to photos that have leaked today.

huawei-another-flagship-2015-01Looking at the leaked photos, the device features the same 2.5D arc glass panel design as seen in many of today’s current flagship smartphones. But the glass panel on the device in the pictures does seem slightly different from the ones found on other devices. There’s a chance it might be made from a different kind of glass material.

huawei-another-flagship-2015-02The device in the pictures also features an arced back which is a deviation from Huawei’s signature flat back cover like the ones found on the Mate 7 and the upcoming Mate S. Because of the arced back, the device in the pictures seems to look slightly thicker when compared with the Mate S. Lastly, the edges of the device in these pictures seems to be more angular than the one found on the Mate 7 or Mate S.

huawei-another-flagship-2015-03If the device in these photos really is a new upcoming Huawei flagship that the company plans on releasing this year, it’ll be the second flagship device the company will have released this year. While releasing two flagship devices in a single year isn’t uncommon, it isn’t something that’s done randomly so we’re curious to find out why Huawei has another flagship smartphone in the works.