Ulefone Calls Its Upcoming Ulefone Paris a Device with Extreme Balance

by Martin 2

Designing smartphones for multiple markets can be pretty challenging as the needs and wants of each market’s consumers vary greatly. But Chinese smartphone maker Ulefone believes that its upcoming Paris smartphones strikes an “Extreme Balance” in smartphone design.

ulefone-paris-balance-01According to the company, the Ulefone Paris comes with features that perfectly balances the needs and wants of its consumers. The company says that the Paris’s 5-inch display achieves the perfect balance between screen real-estate and one-hand operability and lies perfectly in the middle of the industry’s most popular smartphone screen sizes including 3.5-inches, 4.0-inches, 4.7-inches, 5.5-inches, 6.0-inches, and 6.4-inches.

The company also said that its decision to pack the Paris with middle-class specifications including a 720p display, a MediaTek MTK6753 chipset, and 2GB of RAM was also part of its philosophy to achieve balance. This time, the company wanted to achieve a balance between performance and affordability.

The middle-class specifications were also chosen to achieve a balance between performance, design, and battery life. Ulefone said using higher specifications would lead to higher power consumption and would require a larger battery and consequently a thicker device.

Additionally, Ulefone also said that a middle-class specced smartphone would be easier for the company to do perfectly than a high-end specced device so it was a balance between quality and quantity.

The Ulefone Paris is scheduled to launch sometime in the next few days according to an announcement by the company last week. We’ll have to see after it has launched if Ulefone’s “extreme balance” philosophy will be successful.