Control Music and Other Functions with the Ulefone Be Touch 2’s Off-Screen Gestures

by Martin 1

Among the many features of the Ulefone Be Touch 2, its off-screen gestures might be one of the most interesting.

ulefone-betouch2-unveil-01The Be Touch 2’s off-screen gestures enable you to use certain commands even when the display is off and even when the Be Touch 2’s fingerprint lock is functional just by sliding your finger on the screen. Mainly, users can control the Be Touch 2’s music playback with a few specific gestures – swiping down pauses or plays the track, sliding right skips to the next song, and swiping left goes back to the previous track.

Other off-screen gestures include double-tapping to wake up the display, swiping up to unlock the screen, drawing a “C” to start the device’s camera, and drawing a “V” launches the calculator. Users can also configure up to 7 different off-screen gestures and assign them to chosen apps although and unlike the music control gestures, opening apps with gestures will still require the user to input their fingerprint to unlock the device before the app will launch.

The Ulefone Be Touch 2 is currently available at several online retailers. Additionally, Ulefone is holding a big sale event for the Be Touch 2 which puts its price down to only $179.99. The sale event starts on September 1, 2015 from 17:00 to 19:00 GMT+8.