OnePlus Could Be Buying HTC’s Shanghai Factory

by Martin 3

HTC has been in deep trouble for quite a while now with the company laying off a large portion of its work force as well as shutting down its factory in Shanghai. And it looks like OnePlus is hoping to snatch up HTC’s now defunct Shangai factory according to posts by OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu on his Weibo account.

Liu Zuohu made a post during yesterday’s Victory Day holiday in China saying that he was on a business trip to Taipei. The post contained photos that show him standing in front of HTC’s headquarters in Taiwan as well as wide-angle picture of the building.

oneplus-htc-factory-01We’re not sure why OnePlus would want to purchase HTC’s Shanghai factory but they could just be trying to bolster their production capabilities to coincide with the wider launch of their latest OnePlus 2 flagship.

OnePlus isn’t the first company to attempt to purchase HTC’s Shanghai factory with companies like Xiaomi and Qihoo 360 bringing up offers that ultimately ended up being rejected. HTC could be waiting for a decent enough offer that could help them get the company back on track.

Whether OnePlus is successful at purchasing the factory or gets rejected like the companies who have tried before it is yet to be seen but we do know that if HTC doesn’t find a way to gain some momentum even selling off their factory might not be enough to save them.