LeTV Announces Pro Helmet VR Headset

by Martin 1

LeTV has officially announced its own VR headset called the Pro Helmet which the company initially teased last April.

letv-pro-helmet-announce-01The LeTV Pro Helmet is a VR headset that’s meant to be a portable IMAX 3D personal theater. The Pro Helmet utilizes a double wafer monocular which leads to less distortion and more life-like color reproduction.

The Pro Helmet also uses a 2K resolution Sharp display which supports 3D output as well as a 10-inch, 15-meter viewing experience and a 70-degree field-of-view. It also supports myopia adjustment of up to 800-degrees so users need not wear eyeglasses while using the Pro Helmet.

letv-pro-helmet-announce-02LeTV envisions the Pro Helmet to be used in a variety of situations including the living room, bedroom, for fitness use, and more. Currently, the LeTV Pro Helmet only supports the LeTV One Pro smartphone as the software and supporting applications for the Pro Helmet most fits the One Pro.

The official release date and price tag for the LeTV Pro Helmet have yet to be released but a previous report has stated that the company plans to release it on September 19 although we’re not sure if it will be a public or developer release.

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