Meizu Sends Out Invitations for Meizu PRO Launch Event

by Martin 0

Earlier today, Meizu sent out invites for a “Meizu PRO” press conference which will happen in Beijing on September 23, 2015.

meizu-go-pro-event-invitation-01Meizu also published images earlier today that were captioned with the words “MEIZU GO PRO” and it looks like the images were talking about the invitations that were also sent today as the invitations surprisingly came with a Go Pro Hero 4 Sports Action Camera.

It’s unknown why Meizu included Go Pro cameras with their event invitations. The company might be planning a gimmick for the press conference which is where the company is expected to launch the Meizu Pro 5 flagship smartphone.

We’ll just have to wait for September 23 to find out the reason behind the Go Pro cameras and what they have to do with the Meizu Pro 5.