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Ulefone to Show Off New Alpha and Power Smartphones at Global Sources Exhibition

by Martin 0

Ulefone has announced that they’ll be showing off their upcoming Alpha and Power smartphones at the upcoming Global Sources Exhibition in Hong Kong next month.

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ulefone-alphapower-globalsourcesexhibition-01While we’ve heard of the Ulefone Power before, this is the first time the company has mentioned the Ulefone Alpha. According to the company’s announcement and the teaser image they released, the Alpha will feature a unique cream-colored back cover that the company claims will imitate the texture of BB Cream. It will also feature a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, a dual LED flash, and an extra side-mounted function button. It also looks like the Ulefone Alpha will be quite thin.


As for the Ulefone Power, it looks like the company has modified the specifications of the upcoming smartphone slightly as it now looks to feature a 6000mAh battery instead a 6200mAh battery as previously revealed. The reasoning behind the change is still unknown but we do know that aside from its large battery, the Power will also feature a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a shutter button, and an IR transmitter.

We’ll have to wait for what the company plans to show off at the Global Sources Exhibition which is happening from October 18 to 21 to find out the rest of the features of the Ulefone Alpha and Power.

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