Qualcomm Explains Decision to Reduce Cores on Snapdragon 820

by Martin 0

While it seems that processor manufacturers are currently focused on putting more cores into their chips to increase their performance like MediaTek’s upcoming Helio X20 processor which will have ten cores, Qualcomm has taken another route by reducing the number of cores in their upcoming Snapdragon 820 processor to four cores from eight cores on their current flagship Snapdragon 810.


In an interview, Qualcomm executives shed some light on their decision to cut the cores down to four.

The company says that the decision to go back to using four cores instead of sticking to eight is due to the company’s key concept and focus on quality and user experience instead of the number of its processors’ cores. By using custom Kryo cores optimized for performance and efficiency, the chip will be able to handle every task without needing additional cores.

The company is also focusing on improving single-core and single-threaded performance as well as multi-threaded efficiency and optimization with the GPU, DSP, display, video, multimedia, baseband signal, and other modules.

According to Qualcomm, using fewer high-performance cores instead of more low-end cores leads to better overall performance. The company also said that developing new technologies like its Hexagon DSP also improves the overall user experience which is what the company is aiming for.

Well, recent benchmarks have shown us the possible performance of the quad Kryo Cores inside, but lets wait for Snapdragon 820 powered smartphones to hit the market before making any conclusions. Unfortunately, that might take a while since the first phones are only expected to debut by Q1 2016.


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