Letv’s September 19th One-Day Sales Reach Unbelievable $270 Million!

by Linus 0

It seems that Letv is not just another newcomer to the smartphone’s game in China. This company is breaking a record after record and it has already shaken up the whole smartphone industry in the Far East.
As you may have already heard, Letv held a “Black 9.19” festival, where the company sold its devices for a significant discount despite the fact that Le Superphones and other devices made by Letv are already carrying a very low price tag without any discounts.
It turns out that the company managed to achieve overall sales of $270 million in one day, which makes it China’s third largest e-commerce festival.
Letv’s customers are not only buying smartphones as the numbers show that they are interested in other smart devices, which include the Super TVs, Super VR Goggle, Super motion-sensing gaming gun, Le Smart router, earphones and a Bluetooth speaker. The latter gadgets are so far being sold in China only but we can’t wait to see them in the Western markets too.
A very interesting fact is that Letv sold over 594k of Le Superphones, which breaks the record for a single-day online flagship phone sales in terms of both volume and revenue.
It seems that the Letv is on the right track in terms of the quality of the devices they produce and the marketing they use. Chinese customers have known the company’s name for quite a while and it may help foster sales of Le Superphones. Still, for a company, which has just entered the smartphone business, these numbers are really impressive.
You may think why we need to care about these numbers but the benefits are obvious to the end consumer too. Companies like Letv simply shake up the Chinese consumer electronics market and make other players either reduce the prices of the devices they sell even more or invest more into innovation, research and development.
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