Xiaomi Launches Own Mobile Virtual Carrier in China

by Martin 0

It looks like Xiaomi isn’t just limiting itself to hardware manufacturing as the company announced alongside its new Xiaomi Mi4c flagship, its own mobile service called Mi Mobile. The new service is a mobile virtual network operator, a model which is quite popular in China, and once it launches will have two plans available.

xiaomi-mi-mobile-announced-01The first plan will use China Unicom’s network and will offer calls, message, and mobile data in a prepaid format of 0.10 Yuan per 1 minute of calltime, 1 SMS, or 1MB of mobile data. As for the second plan, it will run on the China Telecom network and will have a monthly fee of 59 Yuan which comes with 3GB of data. As for calls and SMS, it will cost an extra 0.10 Yuan per minute of calltime or 1 SMS.

xiaomi-mi-mobile-announced-02xiaomi-mi-mobile-announced-03Both plans will support 2G, 3G, and 4G networks under their respective networks and will have optional called ID for 5 Yuan per month as well as free incoming calls and no roaming charges within China.

The first plan will be available starting September 23 through Mi.com while the second plan will initially only be available in public beta starting sometime in October.