Xiaomi Mi4c Introduces New Edge Touch Feature With the Mi4c

by Martin 0

Earlier today, Xiaomi released their new flagship smartphone the Xiaomi Mi4c which, along with other features, comes with a new feature called “Edge Touch” which resembles a similar feature found on the Nubia Z9.

xiaomi-mi4c-edgetouch-01The Edge Touch feature of the Mi4c currently has two functions – the first is a return/back function which removes the need for the person to reach for the bottom right of the device and the second is a shutter function for the camera app.

Users can activate the Edge Touch features by tapping the left side of the device which makes using the new feature easier when the device is held with the left hand. Sadly, since the feature only works on the left side of the device, activating it when holding the device with the right hand is trickier.

It would have been better if the company made the Edge Touch feature work on either side of the Mi4c as well as have more functions. Hopefully, Xiaomi introduces new functions for the Edge Touch feature through a future software update and make the new feature work on both sides of the device if they decide to use it in their upcoming devices.

xiaomi-mi4c-edgetouch-02 xiaomi-mi4c-edgetouch-03 xiaomi-mi4c-edgetouch-04 xiaomi-mi4c-edgetouch-05